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Discussion in 'Completed Competitions' started by Zeltino, Oct 31, 2014.

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  1. Zeltino

    Zeltino Guest

    Very nice!
  2. Zeltino

    Zeltino Guest

    Vunderbar! Bravo!
  3. Zeltino

    Zeltino Guest

    Short, sweet, and to the point. I can dig it :).
  4. Zeltino

    Zeltino Guest

    A wonderfully written poem, all while threatening his enemies! Such devotion!
  5. Zeltino

    Zeltino Guest

    Another short, sweet, and to the point. I enjoy the taunting in this one :).
  6. Zeltino

    Zeltino Guest

    Very nice, I like it!
  7. illuminati

    illuminati Guest

    ty was nice
  8. Zeltino

    Zeltino Guest

    Alright! The votes are in! Since only 8 people submitted poems...all of our participants win! Congratulations to Illuminati, Aceswylde, SechulLath, Morrowquest, Cotto, Convictpwnz, RedSiobhan, and BraveRonin. I very much enjoyed reading through your poems and I thank you all very much for participating! As we only have 8 out of 10 slots, which means the additional 300 crowns (plus the 1000 crowns of counted positions) were not awarded, I have broken them down evenly and given everyone an additional 160 crowns! Thanks again all and I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween!
  9. convictpwnz

    convictpwnz Guest

    sweet!!!! thanks alot
  10. morrowquest

    morrowquest Guest

    Awesome, thanks so much!!
  11. Aceswylde

    Aceswylde Guest

    thank you, I look forward to the next event, maybe with a little more competition once word gets around, lol
  12. BraveRonin

    BraveRonin Spearman

    Oct 21, 2014
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    Awesome thanks! I've already used them all hahaha
  13. Cotto

    Cotto Guest

    November 16th is my birthday would be awesome if we could have an early thanksgiving competition on that day :)
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