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SechulLath;n643 said:
Apocalypse Nah

Through darkened fields of battle a lone paladin did arise,
Worn weary from his wounds and woe of his dear lands demise.
His travels took him far unto an empire framed with light.
A land so great that near or far, none could match its might.
Our paladin on seeing this smiled with great delight,
For at last he had regained his will and strength to fight.
He led his men to fields of green, the helms of enemy knights.
They slew them all, and with their bones fed fields and fires alike.
They came across a land so bleak and barren,swore he'd never seen the like
Its denizens frail and twisted, though evil in their spite.
A legion vast, the creatures swarmed and screamed and shrieked their plight,
For the paladin, his forces strong destroyed them all on sight.
All hail the mighty paladin and the empire of the light
Their enemies lie crushed before them, a swift and easy fight.

Very nice!


morrowquest;n650 said:
Wrath of the Sleeper

He stood before the wretched mound of lifeless flesh and armor rent his bloody axe held at his side, a rage of steel…exhausted, spent.
Thrice did we, O their ghost’s lament, spike thy Barbs and probe thy town unknown to them, concealed in mist the truth of what their sins unbound
A tidal wave of wrath unleashed from an arcane cavern shaken Alnwick’s great seal a’torn like lace, horror of legend awakened
All the way to Bastille’s realm they heard the terror’s oozing groan from evil’s dripping recesses whence he fell upon helpless foe
What demon O’ hell hath now spawned all through that vengeful scarlet night with mounts ablaze on ram fueled pyres and witless nobles skinned alive
And once, at last, the night was through and once, at last, the dawn did break below him lay in reddish hue smoldering flesh in crimson lake
A terrifying figure gazed down with eyes like ablaze in pumpkin once more upon the wretched mound what freed The Headless Paladin
Laugh heartily, you were not there, say your rosary, be prepared for in that villa you desire an untold horror resting there.

Vunderbar! Bravo!


Cotto;n663 said:
roses are red
violets are blue
I hare poems
but i love TW2!!
oh and those paladins too

Short, sweet, and to the point. I can dig it :).


convictpwnz;n664 said:
Defeat of EEK

My paladins sword, defeated all the EEK`s
then they cried alot, like a bunch of butthurt geeks
they packed their bags, and hid in their shells like turtles
come back and fight you bunch of whiny girls
on the new world they ran to start over
red rover red rover convict follows you over
I know you think you stand a better chance
now instead of the sword you get mieszkos lance
A wonderfully written poem, all while threatening his enemies! Such devotion!


RedSiobhan;n665 said:
The Tribal Avengers

I have an army
You lack a Hulk
Your Paladin is a quim,
so enjoy your trip to the rim

Another short, sweet, and to the point. I enjoy the taunting in this one :).


BraveRonin;n677 said:
The Allie who turned.

Paladin Paladin please come and save us
As are closet Allie has misbehaved us.
We need your dear help
As we scream and yelp.
They're taking are water and food
I tell ya Mr. Paladin they are very very rude.
So get on your horse and gallop to thee
As we are scared to death and they will not flee.
Please hurry on up and don't waste time
these cowards have already committed enough crime.

Very nice, I like it!


Alright! The votes are in! Since only 8 people submitted poems...all of our participants win! Congratulations to Illuminati, Aceswylde, SechulLath, Morrowquest, Cotto, Convictpwnz, RedSiobhan, and BraveRonin. I very much enjoyed reading through your poems and I thank you all very much for participating! As we only have 8 out of 10 slots, which means the additional 300 crowns (plus the 1000 crowns of counted positions) were not awarded, I have broken them down evenly and given everyone an additional 160 crowns! Thanks again all and I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween!


thank you, I look forward to the next event, maybe with a little more competition once word gets around, lol


November 16th is my birthday would be awesome if we could have an early thanksgiving competition on that day :)
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