Free Noble Item


Does using this item affect your coin balance? Like if I've minted 10 coins total on a world, then use 5 of these items, will I have to mint another 30 or so coins before I can produce a noble with an academy, or are they truly "free nobles"? Thanks!


they do...i had enough coins to mint 1 noble had 1 noble and used the 2 nobles from the game. when i got enough coins for my next noble it showed i didnt have enough to make another noble. if you use the nobles before your coins are minted then they are free. but if you keep minting it will use the coins for the free noble


Yeah, the first coins you mint after using the won noble(s) go to pay for the won noble(s) used. So, while you do have to pay for the coins, you don't have to pay for the training.