General Discussion (Forte di Bard)

Are you even active Elements .I don't see you anywhere in the standings ,oh that's right you got punted :) One village your styling.
Don't take it heart .Your villages are growing fine


Mounted Archer
Fine, I'll list a couple of the coiners that have me on the rim.
GRIMLOCK989- The dude had a 2.5k villa at the start of the realm by the time BP ended. You can't possibly get that big, that fast with only 60 point barbs to farm. I rarely got good res from the barba at the start due to the fact that everyone was farming them and they were picked clean. Only coins would get you that big in that little amount of time.

Stereotyp- the guy started slow, but once BP ended, he had frickin 10k axe nukes already in place. Again, you don't get that from farming 60 point barbs.

Nick96- he had an academy only one day after BP ended. He was once in DIE, but he fled to WarTeam when they nuked him.

Barry34- I think this is the guy Solitude
Empire was talking about.

Warking23- The guy had his tribe level at 23 right as soon as he made the tribe. Tell me that you can do that with res right?