Ghost Templars (GTS)


Gonna be a semi-serious tribe, accepting players wanting to go the long run, whether you are a newer player that is willing to learn, or a long time vet. Not looking to go over 100 members. Hopefully not over 75 either. Want to keep it to a lower number, and have only 1 or 2 allies or NAPs, but not too many, gotta let our members grow.

Have a small list of interested players already, been bouncing the idea around w29 with players and they are interested. And am now going to announce it over forums to invite anyone else that is interested.

Like I said, it will be a semi-serious tribe, not a "elite player only" tribe, but not a noobie MRT tribe either. Will be a close knit pack of players hungry for some action, and OBP oriented.

If anyone with prior experience of leading wants to join to help me run it, I can't run it alone, I will take any tips or player help in leading, any help is appreciated.


ooh competition! US29 players? didn't you guys just start? Don't tell me you are already being driven out!


you may want to mention the name change of the tribe, took me a min to find you on the map, to find out it not called ghost templar (gts)