Hints and Tricks that I Love to Share!


Here instead of bashing we shall discuss our favorite strategies and tricks for the game!

I have never been afraid of helping others as I love to Battle Really Good Players! I would like to think that others feel the same!

Now I am not saying that I know everything but I am willing to share things that I have learned. Maybe Others will share too!


Travel Times:
Anyone worth their salt knows how to determine what type of troop is attacking them.
I love to use this to my advantage!

Sword Fake
(Only to be used against offensive cities) In addition if they defend you die!
Send Sword Fakes for a while and they generally get bored of paying attention to them. They think again? This guy is a moron!
Then Wham You Hid a Big Stack of Calvary in their to slaughter their Offensive Army!
You Celebrate as being a military Genius!
They defended? Well Crap That sure was a risky Move Get Ready for their Retribution!

Treb Train?
We have all sent a train of Trebs in the Hope that Our Enemy Cant tell what the hell they are right? Only Me? Well it gets better!
You have been fighting that same guy for weeks now and he is driving you crazy! He seems to know exactly what you are doing!
I have a plan! Trebs can be your new best Friend! (Trebs travel slower than anything else in game. Slower than Nobles too!)
So for the next Noble Train You are going to send, try this!
Hide your nobles with a Treb Train!
Confused? You Time everything at the Travel Time of Your Trebs. You then Send all of your attacks Timed to all of your Targets. They have 10 cities you land 40 attacks (4 Per City) Timed to land all at the same time! Oh Oh and one of them is your real Noble Train Hidden with 4 Trebs!
In this scenario you will have used up 40 Trebs but it beats having to buy deceivers!

You also should walk away with a city assuming they dont figure out which target is the real one!

(Before I post another I shall wait and see if anyone else wishes to share one of theirs)


FYI All the Hints and Tricks I post will be in a very basic format we can make them more extravagant for implementation!


Mounted Archer
The Chapel Flash
When you are at a suitable point in your early-mid game, spend the troops from your first village and noble yourself to free up your chapel.
The Chapel can be rebuilt almost instantly, cheaply, and for no population cost, granting players instant Invasion faith during assaults on enemy provinces.
When I was much more active in my warring, I would send staggered noble trains at barbs in various provinces, staggering my nuke waves and hopping my chapel across the front line to cause chaos and destruction.

Basic Faking
Consistency in attacking is a strength. If a player has 25 villages in a province, and you consistently send 25 attacks from each of your offense villages it is very hard to tell which your true target is.

Pre-noble and re-noble
If you are certain you can't hold your ground, if it is too costly to try to save the village from the incoming nobles, knock the loyalty down yourself so that your enemy takes it on their first noble hit, and then time a noble after their last to take the village back. If timed well enough, you kill their invasion force and grant yourself time to recover and rebuild.

Basic Sniping
Players tend to send "noble trains" where the first attack is the strongest, followed by 3 weaker attacks, support placed in between these weak attacks are a cheap way to delay conquering efforts.

High damage, maximum yield
If you have a prideful enemy, or even just a dumb one, who will defend a village to the last, destroy the wall in an undefended village, and then tease the conquer, allowing them time to move defense in to be killed at a much faster rate per nuke. This is an excellent way to weaken not only players, but the tribes that try to support them.

You don't NEED to time everything to the second
There are groups, and opinions, which hold highly coordinated assaults as a sign of a skilled/experienced player. Not every assault needs to be timed, nukes hidden randomly in waves of fakes, and especially randomly sent sabotage waves, will exhaust your enemy as they struggle to remain as defensively strong as possible (dodging attacks/rebuilding spies)