HoF adjustments


I inadvertently left off The Afghan when looking for the highest OBash for this realm. I have updated the HoF correctly, and adjusted coin totals. Congrats to The Afghan.

(I am sorry I got your hopes up, CrazyCannuckReborn and Royston66.) :(


Well, I would like to thank The Afghan for helping me figure out how to sort the OBP list. (I learn things every day - who woulda thunk that 'toggle view' was necessary to getting a column sort function? Shouldn't you be able to sort the column in either view? LOL)

I was cutting and pasting to a spreadsheet to sort the OBP, and kept not grabbing enough players. Mea culpa.

I will be making one last set of adjustments to the OBP list and modifying crown rewards. (Sorry, Royston66... :()
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thank you very much. I'm not after the coins though. I just wanted to see my name on the ranks again