Holiday Pot Luck


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Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

One of the more popular traditions around the holidays are pot luck dinners, where everyone brings their favorite dish to the feast. In the holiday mood, please post a recipe of your favorite holiday treat! It can be from any course: appetizers, party munchies, main course, dessert or after-dinner drinks. This is not limited to Christmas, it can be from Thanksgiving to New Years, and can include any winter solstice tradition!

Rules: Our potluck dinner will be served at Sunday at 6PM forum time. Post a recipe for a dish that you have actually made or enjoyed in any of the major holiday traditions. The moderation team will vote for our favorite entries, with ties broken by the most number of player likes for any particular entry.

300 crowns to the top two entries, with one additional 300 crown award to a random entrant.

  1. Dress it up a little! Maybe a picture of the last time you made the dish, a story of the party it was served at, or why it is a tradition in your family. Be creative!
  2. Be appropriate! (No direct insults or swear words allowed, we are looking for tasty, witty and light! Offensive posts may be deleted without notice, or reward.)
  3. All non-winning, non-disqualified entries will be entered into the draw for the random prize.
  4. For this one, entries that are merely reposts of recipes from the Internet will be allowed. But without some personal flavor, it is unlikely such a recipe will win prizes.
  5. We reserve the right to disqualify "no effort" entries for the random draw. Put some work in!
  6. Contest starts immediately, and ends at 6:00 pm server time on December 22.
  7. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded on or before January 1.
  8. Prizes awarded by consensus of the moderators, but we will break ties using positive likes from the community.
  • 300 crowns to the best top two entries
  • 300 crowns to a random, non-winning entry.
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Tribal Wars 2 Team
Come on y'all, I'm excited to see what you all got! And, as an added bonus, to the winner, I will personally make your recipe and give it a review and take a picture of it for proof.

I won't lie, I'll also probably steal your other recipes too because I love to cook and try new things.

Come on ladies and gents, let's see what you all got. Impress me :D


Tribal Wars 2 Team
I think you are right. Apparently we don't have many cooks in our community.

Oh, well, we will try again with other contests.