Icon Filters should allow multiple selection

In the overview screen you can currently click on a group icon and see only entries for that group. It would be nice to click on multiple group icons and only see villages in all of the selected groups.

For example I have villages in three distinct regional areas. Therefore I have created Icons for each Region. I have also created Icons to mark a village as to which Hall of Order they belong to. It would be nice to Select Thieves Guild and Region One and only see region one thieves guilds. Or you could Select Defensive villages and Region Three and view all defensive villages from region Three.

Also why are we limited to only four icons per village. By the time I have marked a village as to its region , whether it is offensive or defensive, whether it has an academy, whether it has a church and which hall of order it has I need five icons but the game will not allow this.


Do you think a checkbox would work in this case? We can see all of our villages and to the left of each a check box or a on/off switch could be placed. This way you can choose which villages you can see.

Honestly Simon about only having 4 this is the first I am hearing about it. I don't use them except to mark them province, defensive and offensive. I use my overview screen to see where those buildings are, but I can see that if you want to mark all those things, 4 would be limiting.
What does everyone else think?
Right now by selecting a group icon you can limit the overview to that group's villages. By selecting multiple icons you simply extend the current mechanism to run and AND condition onicondss to determine which one gets displayed. A check box would be cumbersome as I would have to scan through almost two hundred vilages finding the ones I want to display. Essentially a group icon acts as a pre-configured set of check boxes. The only other issue would be that at the moment it is difficult to see if or which icons are selected, as the visual effect is so subtle.