'o' shortcut key for Hall of Order
Mass Minting list to have cities in ABC order
Mass Spy training, cuz going through all cities for barracks is already difficult enough.
Not gonna push my luck, but mass Sab Deployment button on a city, though that is just me being lazy.
Maybe a shortcut key for the resource pit
Use All button on the daily resource packs
The activity circle to be in its own column so member list can be arranged by it
All the promised features- Mainly Sitters
Market less Chucky
This lag to go away so i can check all my cities
Once the lag is gone, an easier way to check all my cities.


Thanks a lot for all the suggestions, Deathcrystal. They are simple, but very useful suggestions. I'm going to pass those to the developers.


Deathcrystal;n3134 said:
'o' shortcut key for Hall of Order
Mass Minting list to have cities in ABC order.
I hate that there is no shortcut for the hall of orders, as I recruit I flip back and forth between that and the barracks and usually about once a day I accidentally upgrade the hall when just trying to open it.

The mining in order would be great too, I dont normally use it because I may want to exclude a particular group and it is too hard to pick out the ones I dont want.


To be able to transfer troops to another village would be awsome instead of just allowing them to support. To be able to donate troops to any player. To be able to donate or sell your own villages to any player, And to be Able abandon a village to turn it into a barb so u can farm it-(Abandon Option asking Are you sure to abandon village?). Allow special characters letters " Łïķě Ŧħîş ". Different songs like music from Knights of Honor. Also, the earn your own crowns option doesnt work for me, it just shows a white would be nice to earn a few crowns after collecting all the resource deposits-(just like you can earn a few gems in clash of clans and boom beach)

Broken Wheel

I have a great idea.....quit telling the devs when something works right, like the attack again button. As we have seen they will just screw it up and take it away. Farming and such has become a tremendous chore now to the point I don't know if I want to even play much longer. Cant they get something fixed and put back without a months worth of time to talk about it. Getting tired of getting shafted by the devs and their shoddy work ethic. I feel bad for the mods.