Improved Messaging System


Having a limit on the amount of players in each message is understandable as it prevents the spamming of the players in each world. But, this also makes it difficult to effectively communicate with your allies.

What I suggest is to have the ability to create a message that you could include more than a single tribe, but the only tribes that could be included would be those tribes that you are in an alliance with.

This would allow for allies to provide one another the information needed more quickly without having someone to have to share that information across several other messages and that's if they are even online at the time the information needs to be shared.

Being able to coordinate in this game is very important and the longer it takes to share information, the less likely chance of making the right calls. Being able to include your allies into a single message would help out tremendously.

Also, another idea to expand upon this so that regional squad messages could be created with your allies is to remove the limit of players in a message as long as those players are either in your tribe or in an alliance with your tribe.


This is why they invented things like discord Mikey . I use it for EN servers all the time. as for message chats simply include representatives of the allied tribes last thing you want is 150 players screaming for support in 1 message anyways . and not like you all attack anything . just keep turtling up and see where that gets you guys
Or better yet just get some more tribe levels and create a classic MRT (mass recruiting tribe) and put all 150 members in the same tribe so you can just run a tribe wide message and have those 150 players screaming for support in the same message
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