In-Game Battle Calculator


I remember tribalwars(1) had one built into the game that was quite easy to use. I do not know if it is there any longer though.

I think it would not be all that hard to implement this feature and/or make one available on the forums or main website somewhere. You have all the in game calculations already. You would just need to design a UI interface and place to put it. For example, when an attack lands the server somehow does all the necessary calculations to decide the result and then modify in game data based on the result. Take this same system and instead of having it actually modify in game data it will just display the results instead.

Additional(optional) addon would be inputting troop counts from reports directly into the simulator. this will make using the in-game simulator easier for everyone but mainly mobile users. A button to input your current village troops(supported and/or stationed there) might be useful as well.

Alternative- when sending troops if your tribe has a green/red spy report on the defending village it will display somewhere in the send troops popup screen, the estimated troop losses based on the spy report.

I honestly think this is likely the #1 most wanted addition to tribalwars2. If ANYONE wants this feature, that has likely been requested hundreds of thousands of times in one way or another, then please like this post and/or post your response, input, support below!

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I think there is a lot of this game that many new players cannot figure out quickly. I am sure they understand that certain unit types are better than others for certain situations but they are essentially guessing the results unless they go find an unreliable 3rd party source and/or scour the web for screenshots of old reports that may not represent the current game state.

New players joining worlds ALWAYS ask about a good simulator and our response is always "this is the best we got but its not fully accurate". So new players, to make good battle decisions, must go research and/or design 3rd party tools while also paying crowns. The alternative is usually them sending troops against veteran players and being wiped out really before they get to the meat of the game (5+ villages).

Simulators are good because even if you do fail on your attack/defense you can play with the simulator and see how many more troops you may have needed in that situation. This leads to players have a better understanding of how the troops work as the battles get more complex and you start using multiple paladins and/or nukes to take villages.


It seems to me that since Grepolis got the Simulator right, that Tribal Wars 2 can. I am not sure what the problem is.


I would love it if they would bring back tw2 stats and a battle simulator. When I had first started playing the first two, they were essential for me. they showed me how different troops work against other troops and it showed me how capable each unit is against the others. Many a time after getting a scout report I would go straight to the simulator and run it for hours on end to decide my best course of action. Same with attacks incoming it helped me know if I should dodge or defend