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So yes you can color any tribe any color and yes you can zoom all the way out using Ctrl commands but its still a really poor way to view the world when it comes to maps. One of, if not the most begged for update, is a creation/approval and funded website where we can go and make maps, track stats, search up players stats from previous worlds. But every time we get a fat ignore from INNO who seem to want to drive this game into the ground. Well I would like to suggest maybe if making another website is out of the question. What if there is an in-game function to create and observe maps? Just like there is an overview tab that can view all your holdings and troops, but also another tab to view the current world and edit how you view it on a personal level.

Personal colors for tribes is great when you are trying to view your surrounding area but on a world-wide scale, just doesn't work for an efficient map. If there is an ingame option, that'd fix all the issues because like what happened to tw2 tools where he couldn't put up adds due to copyright, and tw2 maps wasn't receiving enough funds, inno could just make their in game map system and skip all the bullshit of copyright or constant donations for a website. They make thousands upon thousands a world anyways. This would definitely become one of, if not the most favorite update in tw2 history.


It is not a no from the mods. We don't have that power.

What I can and will do, is include this suggestion in our weekly report. But I must say, if only one person posts a suggestion, and we get no other responses (not even a like!) Well, let's say that the suggestion does not have a lot of 'ooomph'.