Indefinite Gwen

Thicc Lad


The year is 2040. Gwen is now around 24/7/365. All worlds are VP.

World US #478 Hohenzollern Castle opens. Named after the ancestral seat of hou... who fing cares.

Night Bonus on.
No relocation.
Capt C creates a new realm competition. First tribe to recruit 200 members will be awarded 20 crowns each.
Monthly competition created. Player who nobles most barbs in a month will be awarded 200 crowns each.

End of week 1 the world is over motown has just nobled every barb on the world and his tribe of 74 (out of 95 on the server) has reached 80%.

#1 motown with 856 (he misclicked on a tribemate when farming)
#2 Kenalan with 4
#3 Raygor with 1