Inevitable Demonica Recruitment



Hello All!, Inevitable Demonica(IDM) Is currently recruiting more members, we are new to TW2 and our looking for more members to help us expand our TW2 Branch and help us grow to the top! This Tribe is also a good chance for new members and veteran members to come together as one, get to know Each Other, Fight Together, and Grow Together!

- All New Players Are Welcomed (We All Start Somewhere , And Grow Together)

-Respect Other Tribe Members, And Tribe Allies

-Help Out The Tribe In Any Way Possible

-Stay Active (2 Week Policy, Give heads up if on vacation, Returning Players Contact for a re - Invite)

Participate In The Tribe Events, And Wars

And Of Course... Always Have Fun

Background Info
Inevitable Demonica has been around for a few years now, Starting off on many RPGs ( WOW, LOTRO, Rift, LOL) As of now our 3 Most current and soon to be active branches include ( FIRE FALL, BLACKGOLD ONLINE, And of Course TW2), So why go from mainly rpgs to a MMORTS?, We all had our moments of Evony 1 and 2, and other Small Strategies, but we never had a main Guild "Tribe", and we thought " Why not start now", TW2 is just starting out, It should be something new for our strategy players, all starting together, and ready to accept all the challenges that are ahead of us !

- We Currently Have A Raid Call Server We Use - ( Not Required For The TW2 Branch)

-Friendly Community

-Active Community

-Team Work

-Growing Together (remember we are all fairly new)

-Events, Wars, Enemies, Allies, And All The New Content To Come

-Growing To The Top

Contact me in game ( Namsy ) , Or Message Me On The Forums For Invites ( New Tribe = Low Population, As Our New Members And Our Strategy Players Transfer Branches.... THANKS!



Ummmm I'm rim NW is that any where near where the tribe is based?


Hello SithMeister, I sent you a private message on these forums , Thanks ! :)


I recently sent a few guys your way....your welcome for the new recruits :)


dam I thought u were a rim tribe I just looked you up and you got barbs bigger then you meng...