Innacurate tribal rankings and point calculations


I haven't looked into all of the numbers that are inaccurate, but tribal information is all out of whack at the moment. It's easier to explain with pictures than words, so here are some screenshots:

Image 1: Rankings are no longer sorted. Circled are the tribes that should be ranked higher than they currently are.

Image 2: Tribe points on the map do not reflect points shown in the rankings. The ranking totals look like they're accurate and match's tribal point totals. The map values are inaccurate for some reason.

Image 3: Tribe info page seems to have the same incorrect total. Apparently the top 40 players in Omerta have more than 250% of the tribe's points. For those of you in the top 40, I'm impressed! You're so good that you broke mathematics!


The last one made me laugh. haha
Thank you for noticing that and for reporting it. I'm sending this to the developers right now.