Innogames tolerates cheaters

Discussion in 'Tatai Var (US20)' started by kanyewest, Mar 15, 2017.

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    So I am going to stop this right here and right now. First and foremost, we don't EVER discuss the subject of bans on the US forum. Secondly, if you have any type of problem that is apparently this big, instead of posting a thread like this on the forum, you should contact support or even message me directly. I have always made it clear that I am here for every player on this server and that each and every one of you has a voice that will be heard but do it in the right way. This isn't the right way. With that being said, I am shutting this thread down, if you have any questions or concerns, as I said feel free to use support or direct message me. I would also like to be clear that I am not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone, I simply have no comment.
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