Reported Invalid Achievements


This appears to be a bug in the iOS app.

While logged into the game (US 9) in iOS, I am able to select achievements for my player profile and my tribe profile which I have not actually earned.
(These same un-earned achievements are unavailable to be selected in the Browser.)

After saving, the changes are committed, and visible on the profile(s) in both browser and app.

App version:
1.22.0 (Build: 11453) on iOS 7.1.1

Browser version:
market: us
sentry_markets: [yy,zz]
hash: 06ec960f
date: 1443429370.01
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You do not have the current version of the app. It is at 1.23. Try uninstalling, then reinstalling, or see if you can just update it.

Once updated, please check to see if you have the same issue.


Thank you.
I have updated the app to version 1.23.

I am still able to reproduce the issue.

Also worth noting: After selecting un-earned Tribe achievements in the app version, then I am unable to remove them in the browser version.
(because my one-person tribe has not earned any achievements yet, so when I try to edit or change Tribe achievements [in the browser] it tells me I have no achievements, and I cannot remove/replace the false achievements already displayed on the tribe.)


Also possibly worth noting:

When I look up the achievement "Brothers in Arms" (days spent in the same tribe), it appears to indicate that the requirement for the achievement is 30 days.

However, when I logged into the app this evening, I had a pop-up telling me that I had earned the Brothers in Arms achievement because I had been in the same tribe for 14 days.

And although I do not remember which achievement it was, I do recall that the other day I had a similar experience, where, upon logging into the app, I was told that I had earned an achievement which - according to the details shown in the Achievements section - I should not have earned yet. I'm sorry I don't recall which one it was.

Obviously, the main problem with this bug is the potential for abuse.
For example, the "Power in Numbers" Tribe Achievement is for the "first, second, or third tribe to collect 1,000,000 points".

At the time of this post, on realm US 9, only one tribe has over a million points, yet although that tribe does not display that particular achievement, a number of other tribes with far fewer than one million points are displaying this achievement.

Although some of those tribes have had a higher ranking in the past and have been recently losing members, I am confident that they had not achieved the 1,000,000 points necessary for the achievement prior to their current state of attenuation.
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Thank you for taking the time to report this to us. I was able to confirm this issue, and will make sure it gets reported.