Inviting other tribes men to your tribe...


I noticed that I wasn't able to invite people who are already in a tribe to a new tribe. you should be able to. Also make the invites to tribes go to the messages instead of the reports section. and allow us to send a message with the invitation not just a "Yes" "No" with out any content. the only way to do this right now is to send a separate message along with the invite and it shouldn't be that way. that's my suggestion. It was worth a shot, I doubt any of the developers would see this anyway. and if it has been suggested before idc. I didn't read it anywhere so I am suggesting it now...


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Actually, Techdeck, you can invite someone who is already in a tribe, the function to do it is kind of hidden though. So I agree, they need to bring it more to the forefront instead of hiding it.

To invite someone who is already in a tribe, you need to go to your tribe invitations. If I recall correctly, you need to go to your "members" tab to do view them. Once you're in the right area, there is a text box where you can enter a players name to send them an invitation.

I will make sure Marcos see's this and adds it to his suggestions report for the developers.


Thanks for the suggestion, techdeck2013, and thank you for letting me know, Tokano. I'll make sure I'll add this to the suggestions report. Thanks once more, guys.