iOS Features Needed

sir mangatang

So I read on here that the iOS is being more "difficult" than Android for programming. Unfortunately I'm seeing this is a trend for the past 2 years. That's a long time, but I'm going to make a list of features that are needed by priority. Let me know if anyone else wants this.

1 : Seconds for sending attacks!
-This is game breaking. I had to give my coworker a co-op to time some attacks for me. So much of this game is decided on seconds and this is a must. I don't think this one would be difficult to implement, even if the code is "being difficult".
2 : Donation to tribe by resource and not only percentage.
-This is more of a QoL improvement more than anything.
3 : Would be nice to cycle villages with arrows when in village view.
-This is important when wanting to keep up on spy recruitment.
3 : bb codes(I think that's the name) aren't being read through messages.
-My tribe sends out support requests for multiple villages. In these messages, they have different colors, italics, and such which all can't be read. I have to send support from PC because of this.
4 : Info on village doesn't distinguish between attacks returning to villages and attacks incoming.
-This can be troublesome when trying to do back timers.
5 : Outgoing units don't distinguish between attacks and supports.

I know there are other things, but these are the more dominate issues I see on a daily basis and would love for the first one at the very least to be fixed as it is game breaking. I sent a report ticket in but they told me to post on here for feedback. So here I am, looking for feedback so we can have it fixed.