Mobile Update iOS version 1.24



Mobile Update

iOS Version 1.24

Hello Tribal Warriors!

Next week, the new iOS app version 1.24 will become available in ther app store. This version is focused on bug fixes.

iOS (Estimated Release Date: October 15th)

Bug Fixes:

  • Context menus will now properly work for iPhone 6s users.
  • You will now see a 'Max Level' message instead of an 'Upgrade Building' message when you have reached to maximum level of corresponding building.
  • The Provisions will now be properly calculated in Presets.
  • Countdowns will now always start as intended.
  • When recruiting units, you will now only recruit the specified amount of units.
  • You will now stay logged when changing between realms.
  • The Village List can now always be closed properly.

Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Give us your feedback in this discussion thread.

The Tribal Wars 2 Team