Is this how a typical TW2 Standard World looks?


Hey guys. I am a player way back from W9 of TW1 and have played many a world on TW1 and played a few shortly here in TW2 a few years back. Just getting back into the game again and joined this world. I realize it is a bit into this world already but I have a few questions.

Is it standard for a world to be almost completely dominated by a single tribe less than 5 months from start?

Is there any way to tell the current domination % of the top tribes?

What is the status of wars going on. From talking to a few people from the top tribes I have gathered that a few wars went on a little while ago but the most active players just jump ship to the higher ranked tribe and eat the lesser active players. I understand this is has always happened but not on this scale this quickly, at least compared to when I played TW1.

I keep hearing mention of people complaining about certain people joining every world and crowning their way to victory and everyone else just falls into line to get the free win. This goes along with me last question but is this a normal thing on all worlds?

Also..these forums are kind of empty. Only 14 threads total?

I would prefer to keep the banter and insulting of intelligence to a minimum as new players may use this as insight into what is going on as well.

Thanks :)


Welcome back friend. Unfortunately yes, this game had deteriorated quite a bit from the W9 days. I started on W3.
Worlds are small and shorter.. and since the community is so small now it is basically the same players/tribes from world to world. Some tribes (won't mention any names) do prefer to simply purchase and merge their way to victories rather than fight, and unfortunately many choose to join them for the easy win. And yes generally by month 2-3 there is one tribe with a decided advantage. By month 5 there are only two tribes left that matter.
The game has also been altered to heavily favor offense.
The forum being so quiet is simply due to the low population of the game now. There used to be thousands of active players per world. Now there are maybe 500 to start and that number falls quickly.
I'm not saying you shouldn't come can still be a lot of fun if you get in with the right group. But it is certainly not the same game you remember from years ago.
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