Juval Competition

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Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

For the launch of Juval we have prepared some amazing competitions with outstanding rewards. Compete against the other players and claim the grand prize for yourself if you dare!

Competition 1:
Reflate Your Economy

Goal: Be the first, second, or third to have an hourly Wood, Clay, and Iron production of 1.000 each.

Prizes for players using Crowns:

1st Prize: 500 Crowns - Shadow3643
2nd Prize: 300 Crowns
3rd Prize: 100 Crowns

Prizes for players not using Crowns (excluding the 50 Crowns gained on account registration):

1st Prize: 500 Crowns - sylvanthus
2nd Prize: 300 Crowns - MAL3V0L3NT
3rd Prize: 100 Crowns - DemonzSpawn
The rules are simple:
  1. First and foremost, the game rules apply, i.e. only one account per player. Pushing accounts only to achieve a goal will result in disqualification and actions may be taken against involved account(s)!
  2. Post a screenshot to prove you have achieved a goal. The winners will be selected based on who posts first, so if you reach the goal but do not post right away, you might miss out on a reward!

  • Player A reaches a competition goal first. Player B comes second and Player C comes third.
  • Player C posts his result first, then Player B. Player A doesn't post at anything at all.
  • Player C wins the competition, because he has reached the goal and has posted his or her screenshot first. Player B gets the second prize and Player A doesn't win any prize, because he or she didn't post a screenshot.
All entries will be checked before the winners are announced to ensure a fair competition and game environment for everyone involved.

Good luck!

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team


Coolnite, am I allowed to spend ONLY 50 crowns on this world and still claim the non-crown prize then if I earn it? They aren't the 50 crowns from registration, but fair is fair, right?

Edit: Just trying to understand the full scope of restrictions.


Only the first ever 50 crowns from registration are considered for no-crown category. So if you have already used them and you are now using some other crowns then you would fall under crown using category. :)


Due to the many players that are dissatisfied with the Alpha Tribe competition we will go ahead and remove this. This competition will not be provided as well in the future as it would take too long to complete. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and as requested by many players will no longer offer this competition.

NOTE: One that that will not be tolerated are players that are disrespectful and spamming a topic. This topic is for players who have competed the competition and wish to post their achievements only! Spamming will not be tolerated!!! If you are not posting regarding winning a competition here do not post

Not open for further replies.