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well guns is practically rimmed, and becky not too far behind him, berger went poof, and hurst was forced to quit and give his villages to THC (his enemy?), but not before sending a player a nice "F U" statement lol. And yet somehow this weekly world update says RND is falling in the east to HAT? Interesting. I'd like to try on Lul's glasses and see what he sees.


Casually not mentionning Rezoop and Goldvenvar being gone from RND; RND has a hard time eating HAT which is laughable.


Yea there is not much of a story to be told for rezoop and goldvenvar. The both stopped responding completely over this past weekend without previous notice. Very fishy to me. My best guesses are
1. they told HAT they were quitting to spite RND for an unknown reason
2. they are close friends and decided to play different world together. not sure why they would quit without notice though
3. it was 1 player multi accounting and rl has caused him to stop responding thus both accounts are afk
4. one player went of vacation while the other was his coop and decided to quit without notice thus both dead

all of this is speculation of course. we will likely never know unless they respond here.


nah rezoop was still playing when we ate him and what about brody who is losing villages too? Regardless, your progress agaisnt HAT is nothing to how badly you are losing to THC. Like we are just 4 players holding HAT together and at the rate we will still be playing in 2 months