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This is such a dumb game... only way to have a successful tribe is to coop 9 accounts or having a premade. Get rid of coop please, its a dumb concept


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This is such a dumb game... only way to have a successful tribe is to coop 9 accounts or having a premade. Get rid of coop please, its a dumb concept
or you can limited co op.. getting rid of them is asking someone to be on all the time when RL issues comes up. thats just stupid. but you dont need 9 i agree with that


Update #14

Spring is about to be sprung and the battle is as well! Welcome to another long awaited update about the progress here on K world. We are just over the 2 month mark and things are looking good. As promised from day 1 there's battle, there's drama and it's all being told here on K World TV News. The charts are all over the place but there are some noticeable differences to talk about. Gwen came and went. This time she blessed me with some items other than build ques. Thank you Gwen, I knew you loved me <3 Today let's discuss Tribe updates, comment on progress made and to wrap it up I'll bring you those lovely Bash updates with a current look at the map. Let's. Jump. Into it.

#1 RND. 3.03m points, 50 members, Tribe level 47 currently sitting at 619 villages an increase of 199 villages from last update. The numbers could be distorted since more members from the former OSK Tribe have fled to RND. RND reclaiming their former glory as the top Tribe however RND seems to be struggling with some internals and empty villages. RIP has lost his first village to Thicc Lad the undisputed best player in THC at eating chocolates on the toilet. RND seems to be struggling as a whole against the Eastern front losing several villages to THC in a matter of days. An offensive op that was planned on the Northern front against THC has also failed. RND is beginning to struggle against THC and HAT.

#2 THC. 2.3m point, 39 members, Tribe level 45 currently sitting at 538 villages an increase of 174 villages from last update. No distorted numbers there as THC has even lost a player since last update. THC is doing well in their war against RND gaining ground on all fronts against all enemies. The Salesmen and Thicc Lad really spearheading the Eastern front for THC. Who can stop the Salesmen and Thicc lad? Is there a Titan in RND that can go toe to toe? Perhaps OnereousBubbles can stop them in their tracks as mentioned by him from earlier. THC is really putting the pressure on RND. Next!

#3 HAT. 1.54m points, 53 members, Tribe level 36 currently sitting at 393 villages a decrease of 47 villages from last update. Again numbers here could be a bit distorted since members fled to RND when things got hot. HAT is the renamed OSK Tribe and under new management by Becky123. Bizmoney has left the world with his tail between his legs. HAT has made some progress against RND as well but not as much as THC has. Props to those that stayed in HAT even when the going got tough. Gunswayne is currently holding that Founder shield though. Can HAT reclaim enough of their former strength to overtake RND in the rankings? Possibly. More time will tell.

#1 RND 16.2m obp / El Salesman 1.4m obp (still #1?)
#2 THC 14.6 obp / Gunswayne 1.2m obp (doing some work)
#3 HAT 8.6m obp / RestInPieces 1.1m obp

THC is hot on RND's trail closing the point gap, village gap and bash gap against RND. If RND can't stop THC then perhaps by next update THC will be #1 again across the board. HAT is doing well after a regroup and is pushing against RND. Will RIP continue to lose villages? Can RND stop THC's advance? It's getting juicy with the battle reports I'm seeing. Later this week I'll share some battle reports after I collect them and the redacting team finishes their due diligence. Map man! Wake up! Take us away. Till next time everyone!

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Nice update lulrawr. How long until RND wants a NAP with HAT?? :)

Edit: You should put BXS in your map too

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I mean if you're feeling charitable I'll run your ops for you for 13k ;)

i don't actually know since I don't keep track. it takes about 708 million experience points for a lvl 47 tribe. I've donated about 603 million of those experience points. I currently get 15,145 experience points for 1 crown. that would mean about 39854 crowns or about $560. but that doesn't seem right so it must scale or something. I haven't spent very much on myself (no, i don't really coin troops, especially after protection comes off). I do coin things like rally points to rush build or a church or officers which are dirt cheap.

Even if I purchased another 200,000 crowns it is still under $3k. even 1 million crowns would only be $13k - which I could probably drop per day if I wanted to. At some point you really can't even spend it. There are diminishing returns. Even if you coined every building and every troop for every coop and leveled the tribe, it doesn't actually take as many crowns as people think. This is a fairly cheap game.

Now that I put it down on paper I probably haven't spent more than $10k total this world and I haven't purchased any crowns in awhile. Ultimately, we try to put our tribes in a position to win but it takes players to actually take it across the finish line. in past worlds we had very active players. this world seems strange. Probably a sign that the death of TW2 is accelerating.


> be Tfox/cruncher/carnage
> play tw2 for yrs
> jump on K world with new name cuz of the meanies
> mfw i start in Frickin Zbirds province
> Get rimmed on week1
> restart on rim and then merge with top tribe
> grow lots and become big boy
> do first big boy op with OSK
> send tiny nuke to bullish and kill nothing
> become bigger boy
> jump to a province closer to THC
> lose to sales
> merge with top tribe cuz losers make excuses baby
> Go for a Steeltempest villa
> mfw i lose my nuke and 4nobles on a recap
> load next world with new name.exe

Seems I have a new fan ;)


Dude college boy just made a contest for poems you ain't got to put that on the main chat
Am i not allowed to speak by use of quotes? I was not posting to sound deep. I just really enjoy 40k. I posted to state an insult, threat, fact, and my reality in game. Sorry you missed that. o_O


The bashing seems to be losing energy so I'll give you guys my story so you have some fat to chew on. The first war BXS had was with THC. Just like all the other tribes, we knew early on THC would be a powerhouse. We had made NAP agreements with both RND and OSK, but unlike the other tribes these were NAPs, not alliances. Tension started to build between BXS and RND so I made an NAP with THC. Rumor got out that we had allied with THC. This was untrue. It didn't take long for RND to find a reason to drop our NAP and thus began our 2nd war. Contrary to Bizmoney's promise to stay out of it, OSK soon joined in. What's funny about this is that my agreement with THC included that they would stay out of the NW and they were honoring that agreement. Had RND and OSK left us alone, they could have used that to their advantage. As it were, we took a beating. This led to me making a formal alliance with THC and opening the door for THC to move into the NW. I'm a new untested tribe leader with teammates that I have only known for a short period, but we have fought all three top tribes and we still sit in the #4 spot. We have never renamed, imploded or in anyway fallen apart. BXS will be here for a long time to come. I built a tribe, not a horde. Apex predators will always find one another and they will always form a tribe. THC brought theirs and RND found theirs. BXS may never find our way to the top, but we are going to do our best to make sure the top is blue. Feel free to bash, we can take it.