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@cokky this is true but I’m not talking about baseball. I’m guessing RIP was originally the catcher but he coaxed BIZ into switching out for 15k coins.

Da... it is a comment someone says when someone mentions pitching and catching but does not like the game period. Even if you happen to take a pitch you did not expect. and yes i am not talking about the game.

El Salesman

"We could probably reduce this contest to 15 key players across a couple tribes and win this world"-restinpieces(the words that I say). Hey kiki do we get a kickback for putting the fear into RIP and making him coin his tribe up 10 levels in one day? Maybe a plaque. Some flowers. Just something to say thank you. I think we should get something from biz too. He wouldnt have been able to ally with the world as usual and avoid any real fighting if RIP didnt get the fear placed within him. I'm not asking for much, you know, maybe a card. Or one of those flower shaped fruit arrangements with a little stuffed bear. So it's the whole world vs thc, I like those odds. We are gonna burn this place to the ground. Yall gonna remember this one.


Mounted Archer
over confidence is a great thing to have especially since u all are not coining :)
i think you need to go re-read what i wrote a few pages back mate. I troll on here ever now and then, but at least read what was writing already.
I never said scary and what i wrote you before telling you i was Pan was to see how you were thinking is all. don't get all caught up in that. MY Reply is simple, us at THC want you to bring Your A Game. it that simple.