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Update #8

This Update comes 1 day before week 3. With most Gwen Nobles now used up village captures are starting to slow down. However this hasn't stopped RND from capturing THC villages. After a few good defenses from THC, RND was able to take a village. All thanks to instant coining of Nukes. How long will THC last against OSK and RND the two biggest coning Tribes in the game? Possibly just until the next Gwen comes with more pay to win goodies. That's ok though! All apart of current game mechanics.

#1 OSK with 50 members and 27 Tribe level. 366149 points. After becoming Ally's with RND they have had little issues and continue to push against THC. Bizmoney's pockets don't seem to be as big as RIP's though. Big pockets are proving to be useless with OSK as they are quickly outgrowing RND. Even if this Alliance takes out THC, RND won't be able to stop OSK. It'll be too late for them as OSK will have outgrown them. When will OSK break through THC lines though?

#2 RND with 50 members and now a Tribe level of 42. 316685 points. Looks like RND was and able to punch through defense of THC with the help of some major coining and instant Nukes. Not to say RND hasn't taken any hits as RIP came close to losing his village to Cokky. An instant restack of 16k spear, 17k swords and 6k archers was able to stop the final Noble Trips.

#3 THC with 40 members and 310624 points. Tribe level 25. THC has been taking hit after hit but seems to be able to hold ground so far only losing 1 village. THC has continued to drop from it's former #1 seat as the now #1 and #2 Tribe ally against them. It has been noted that THC has no Alliances or NAP's unlike their aggressors OSK and RND who have NAP'd most of the top ten Tribes and then Allied against THC.

With Gwen returning in a few weeks it'll give those who coin another opportunity at Pay to Win items. That does make it difficult for others, who don't coin, play the game. Based on this current map as we go into week #3 we can see OSK and RND are so intertwined in their Alliance that they will soon run out of players to Noble. For those smaller Top 10 Tribes who are near them with a NAP beware. That NAP will drop soon and you will be a target. OR will OSK and RND turn on each other first? As you can see in the map OSK surrounds RND and if OSK continues to out grow RND it could spell major trouble for RND. OSK is in a better position than RND so my money would be on OSK winning that fight. Assuming they take out the troublesome THC first. THC holding its ground against both Tribes. I figure if RND fails to take out a significant portion of THC players in the next few weeks then it'll allow OSK to easily take out RND. These are my predictions and the tides of battle can sway in either direction! I'll leave you with this final thought, will the chairforce ever stand? Until next time! View attachment 700
I do like the drop of confidence we are seeing right now. Keep it up lulrawr


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i like how my members are being tell to jump ship and are laughing at the people asking them too do it ;p

El Salesman

YES! Recruit the WORLD!! Peace in our time! Say what you think and then run with your own stories!! These liberal ideals will carry the day!! Biz is the best strategist he won a vp world before his last three straight defeats!! Let rnd and thc fight eachother we will support noobs I say!!


When you want to divide two tribes working toward a common goal you spread misinformation. I guess that is worth a shot.

Hi Pluto and Elphame


This sounds like fun, actually.

Maybe to get this sort of thing settled from now on we should just make 4 major tribes at the start of any dom world and each gets either NW NE SE SW. and you just end up with whoever unless you restart and go to the rim of your choosing.


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I would like to point out both leaders of osk said two different things. One said they were not working together no alliance at all and the other one said they are working together. So are you guys working together or not working together?


It doesn't sound like OSK is 100% on board with their own "council". Some it seems are under the impression they are going after RND soon and some (slaughter1234) seem to think they are allied or in his words "NAP". I just hope RND realizes that OSK can't grow without running into RND over and over. RND is in trouble from OSK. It'll play out. We will see it happen just give it a little bit.