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Greetings Tribal Warriors,
Your Tribal Wars 2 team felt that it was time for another contest and after thinking a lot about it, here is what we've decided. Below you will find an image from a Tribal Wars 2 TV Ad, your mission should you choose to accept it, is to create a Meme from image. Use your imagination, creativity and most importantly BE FUNNY! Rules prizes and image are listed below. Good Luck!

  1. No Inappropriate Language! Any meme that has anything inappropriate on it will automatically be disqualified from the competition and player will be handled accordingly. (Follow game RULES! Especially paying close attention to the communication rules)
  2. Be creative! We will be looking for a meme that is funny, creative and uses the imagination.
  3. Memes are not to be a direct target of any player or any member of the support staff. Player will be disqualified and dealt with accordingly.
  4. ONE MEME PER PLAYER! Please do not create more than one! Additional entries will not count towards competition and will get said player disqualified.
  5. PLEASE KEEP ENTRIES POSITIVE! We want you to be creative and funny but there is no reason to be negative!
  6. The top three will be selected by the community based on the number of likes it receives. The overall winner of the three will be selected by members of the Tribal Wars 2 staff.
  7. Every entry will receive 50 crows just for participating.
  8. Contest will Start On August 25th and End on August 30th
  9. Overall Winner will be announced either on August 31st or September 1st at the latest.
  10. YOU MUST PLACE WORDS ON THE PICTURE! If you need help, don't hesitate to ask!

Overall Winner will receive a prize of: 800 Crowns
2nd and 3rd will receive a prize of: 300 Crowns


TOP THREE FINALIST ARE: Alpha Predator (16 Likes)
CarelessPuma (12 Likes)
PlaneKnotty (9 Likes--winner of tie-breaker vote)

Overall Winner: Alpha Predator!


Mounted Archer
Save the image to your device. Use a photo editor to add text (app will depend on your device, but there are tons of free ones available).


if you are on a PC you can just use the right click button on your mouse and select copy. You could also screen shot it and do it that way as well.
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