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Tribal Wars 2 Team
The action bar across the top is bluish-purple to my eyes, and there are purple hints swirling around in the background. And my name to the left is garishly purple.

Either that, or those parties from the 60's and 70's have finally caught up with me.
:p Well, our names are purple but I'm seeing blue menu bar and background so who knows. lol

Wait, no my name is blue as well. Yours IS purple but mine is blue. o_O


Oh I do want to say however how happy with Inno I am, in them not running Nobles in the last Gwen, I have no clue if it was a consious choice or the Gwen was targeted at more developed worlds, but it helped stop the mass murder of Barbs everywhere on the latest world and for that Im very thankful.

Feels bad how something like this counts as a good move by them at this point but take what you can get right?