Loading App on Android

Hello i have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge... and recently i have not been able to load the app...it just stays stuck on connecting forever, i have hard reset,and soft reset my phone... network settings... force stopped.. and uninstalled and reinstalled... just keep getting the Red Circle in corner and connecting on bar..


I am also encountering issues. However, it is only occurring if i am accessing through my data connection. If i am connected with wifi, no problem. Furthermore, it apears to be an issue only with the us server, i was able to connect on the uk server. It started yesterday. And being a programmer myself, i get suspicious of coincidences, so one more piece of info. On Tuesday, i got rimmed while i was on the phone app through the data connection, and got the restart screen. But since i wanted to choose my restart quadrant, i closed the app and restarted when i got home. That was the last time i successfully connected through the data connection....
LG5, android 7.0. I cleared the cache, uninstalled, soft reboot, and reinstalled. No effect.


Verizon. Ive tried loading the app on multiple android devices. Even ones that never had the game previously installed. Wont even work on my WiFI. Yes, i made a support ticket and recommended others to do the same. Mobile game that doesnt work on mobile is kinda not good.