Fixed Loading Issues


I have run into some loading issues. I'm a Firefox user (I use it exclusively cuz I hate Chrome). I've had to refresh the page several times. My resource pit shows I have resources to collect but when I open it, it shows none to collect and none available to work. I have quests with the red ! but when I open them the red ! doesn't go away (I can read them, though).

I'm just wondering if it's only me, or is this happening to others as well today?

I also can't seem to see anything in the tribe - including the forum
So far, this is only happening on Tatai Var.


They really need to do something this is ridiculous that this is still happening with no word on what they are going to do about it


If you buy crowns or plan to buy crowns, don't.
Stop spending money on this game.
Until the problems with the lag & loading are fixed.

Pass this message to everyone you know.


We have reported the problems that has been mentioned and developers are working on it. We are constantly in touch with them letting them know that the problem still exists. They are working on trying to fix it. When we have more information we will post it here.