New Issue Login Problem with mac firefox


I've been getting this for quite some time.. over a week. Over this time, I tried clearing cache, clearing cookies, clearing browser history, reinstalling firefox, trying it out on a new user, all to no effect. I use the MacOS operating system.
Please please please fix.. The rest of the browser choices are immensely annoying with safari having poor optimization with the game (extreme lag dragging around the map and performing actions), chrome crashing my mac periodically, opera with esc exiting fullscreen all the time, and vivaldi burning through my battery..
This problem is really driving me crazy so I just want to know what exactly is going on. The button press seems to be registered correctly, since it starts spinning and returns "Login Problem"



thats odd
but how is this...there are bunch of us that cant even log onto Beta world...cant even contact support bc you cant log on