Looking For Killers


Im looking for a couple of killers. You know who you are. Cant stand the fact that you have more allies than enemies, you hate the fact you have armies but are being told how to use them, etc. You are the kinda player that just gets turned loose. Your points don't matter to me. I don't even care if you are a noob to TW2. Perhaps you have played similar games. A monkey can learn a game. Im interested in the type of player you are. Maybe you have been here a week, or it's your first day. Maybe some will look at you condescendingly because you dont have your army together...yet. Others will look at your points and turn you down without asking for your resume. Im interested in your tactical skills. Im interested in whether or not you have heart. I want to know what your strengths are. Message me in game. I won't take more than two responding to this post.

Message me in game.


Good post oh lovely and warlike wife of mine! *She makes me say that cuz she has more cavs than me :( *

Anywho, I've noticed a prevailing attitude here of condescension towards new people to the game and new ideas. We don't care about that. RTS is RTS, and you either get macro strategy or you don't. We can teach you the finer points.

What we are interested in is people who instinctively put themselves on the right path. People who at least on a general level understand macro strategy.

Our tribe is relatively new to the world. IIRC we're coming up on day 5. Take some time, watch us grow and how we compose ourselves, and then message us in game.

See you all on the battlefield. Good luck and have fun.


Yes. Exactly. When we first started playing Realm of Empires we had people educating us as to what a "reverse-hammer" was only to find out we'd been pulling that move for about 6 years on another game entirely, it just didn't have a name. And I mean we were shown charts I couldnt make heads nor tails of, LOL. I felt really stupid for about 2 weeks guys until I discovered I already knew what they were talking about. I mean, it was common sense. No chart needed guys. I believe there are still people there trying to get a formula down for the mechanics in that game, as you arent told what unit does what to what unit, are there mini-battles in your wave of troops, etc. You just kinda have to figure it out on your own and guard the info with your life, lol. Yes, there is a battle sim, but in that game you can recall at the last second, or get reinforced within a few seconds. You have to send a rescout landing a few seconds before and if they got reinforced be able to figure out whether or not your going to wipe your target so you can recall if you need.
Fifteen years ago, not many girls played games, unless it was like a bubble-popping game or tetris and were made to feel like we didnt belong there by a lot of dudes. At the poker table, I still feel this way, and I target those guys who think I'm inferior because they will call me down and with not much. ( If you are female you know what I mean and can relate to what Im saying here.) I dont care if you know what micro-farming is. I don't care if you don't understand the battle mechanics of this game yet. What I'm interested in is your personality and how your mind works.
Math is math; strategy is strategy. You'd be surprised to see how much poker strategy will translate to a war game, and how much Sun Tzu's strategy will translate into every day life.
Respect to my adversaries. Good luck and have fun!