Malice 1o1



We are looking for active members to recruit to our tribe, Malice ( You may or may not be new, but either way we will welcome you. Many of us are very experienced with this game as well as others and provide guides to help ya out. If you wish to join and become malicious, please apply and we will have our recruiter contact you in-game for an interview.

Although it is not required, many players in the tribe have an app on their phone called Kakao Talk, this makes it easier for discussions, voting, or any tactical operations. We have used this system for years and it has never failed us. We strongly recommend you get the app so you can join us in conversation.

If you have any questions before joining, do not hesitate to ask.

All the best,


EDIT: I kept changing the picture because I wanted to do it justice. It took my brother 2 weeks to make that amazing work of detailed art on photoshop. Although it was not intended for the tribe itself, it fits nicely to the theme.
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