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  1. Whoosh

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    I am a huge fan of the original Tribal Wars but the sequel seems more geared to mobile devices than desktop use. It also has very little in the amount of customization and control as the original had. I would like the following added some can even be a premium feature.

    1. Ability to make folders in reports and also in the mail system.
    2. Ability to rearrange units and buildings in queue as long as production as not started.
    3. Upload your own profile picture.
    4. Please remove the ability to extend beginner protection I know it is expensive but it really defeats the purpose of the game. If someone had deep pockets they could be untouchable.
    5. Add a quest for naming your village and show players how to do it. Many players never name there village or know how it will make the map look a lot cleaner.
    6. Add a personal notepad
    7. Account Sitting

  2. omen74

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    I would surely like to see this exact list implemented as well as shared forums set by tribe leaders which has been said in another post. What world were you on Whoosh?
  3. MarcosHK

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    Thanks for this great list. I'm going to send it to the developers so they can take a look as well. Thank you again for the suggestion.
  4. Whoosh

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    To many worlds to remember but I think I first started on world 18.
  5. the 300

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    Jan 10, 2015
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    I played on world 24 mainly. It was a great world and the PnP was amazing there. Especially when BooB declared war on ASBO. That was hands down one of the best declarations I have ever seen.

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