Map of Kronborg top 10 tribes


I will try to keep this thread updated weekly at least.
As of December 20th, 1:23 AM EST, the distribution of top 10 tribes looks like this


Wow.....these are great! I'm new to the game, but I know about games like this and how things can shift and change over time. It's interesting to see it on maps. Looks like NAO and COL are in a good struggle for core domination.


The Veteran
Now L2P and COL are having field days, the day L2P entered the war, 2 provinces were cleared of NAO, and the next day more followed. Its like NAO can't keep up with all the tribes fighting them now.

cannibal table

Hopefully a new map gets made soon (too lazy to make one myself atm) I'm curious to see how this war has progressed the server


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NAO is still strong, but the smaller tribes and COL and L2P are growing and getting the drop on NAO now. So the west might be controlled by L2P soon.

Ez Kallion

It's going to take a lot of fighting for L2P to be able to claim the West as theirs. While it's possible I don't see it happening soon.