Map Thread

lord teja

just curious, BTW i just joined up us25, i hope i can clear your both bases in 1-2 months with the 10 mins i am giving per day there . i am just 41 hours away from them.

dont try and play dumb trust me you are overplaying yourself!:D
you're funny, i used the word trainee and you went mad because i did not add diplo trainee and you assumed i was saying you were alvret's player trainee. you beat me.

I am not playing dumb, you are playing super hero and trying to down play me at every thing i say. I just find it too desperate to do it.
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world is over now . need mods to verify so we can get crowns .
sadly 25 will be it for me unless they end vp stupidity . if I wanted a game with victory points I would play settlers of catan


I think when they open new world they will be shocked at the population of that world being about half of this world (US25)

which is already pitiful at best. even EU declining they should look to combine some i bet if they combined a few they might end up with something reasonable.