You try so hard to get them to notice you... they have noticed you, they just dont care. They know you are no threat, as does every other tribe on this world... You make such a big fuss on here and yet they still refuse to add you to their map. Take a hint and stop posting...
He can't take a hint, he's too stupid too even think about such an anomaly.​


Nov. 1st Static map:

WAT got the core WAT will keep the core WAT will win the war. I dont even play this world but thats just by looking at the map. ROI is all on the rim and then i gotta feel sorry for the yellow that is surrounded by the blue lol


In 13 days WAT have basically destroyed LoD lol. even do WAT big if your a decent tribe you should last more then 13 days!


oh ty wondered how a tribe can get destroyed that badly in 13 days. Guess they did not get destroyed after all :)


So, what is new in this world do we have a new map? Please keep things on topic gentlemen.
Here's the current map. As you can see, WAT owns the middle and is pushing out hard. Map 21-10-15_zpswos2xdej.jpg

Those of us who decided to remain very active joined WAT. It made sense primarily because we already had a good relationship with WAT after deciding not to fight one another and fight these crappy MRT tribes instead, and we were both made up of very aggressive members who are used to fighting out numbered. Also, we already bordered each others territory on several fronts. It made sense in every way so that's what we did.

Basically what happened is there's a bunch of cowards on this server who'd rather gobble up barbarian villages than actually fight other players. The 4 top tribes below WAT have all allied or NAP'd each other and WAT is fighting all of them. Two of them have now merged in to one super tribe so they can be even more carebear (One Tribe). So now WAT, a 76 person tribe is at war with about 500 people.
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Well, I always knew WAT would get the center. I am not surprised they have scared everybody into Allying and or NAPing against them. I admire Wat's Grit in keeping their numbers down, mass recruiting tribes have always been a pet peeve of mine. I applaud them their spunk. So let us hear from these MRT's and see what they have to say about the world. This should be a true test of what a smaller Tribe can do against tribes that really think high numbers and low participation work to win.


Sounds a lot like W9. TFR a tribe of 77 is fighting close to every tribe and winning...


oh man i didnt even realize there was talky talky on this fourm i mean none from ONE i believe can defend themselves on the forum to talk the talk and what not anymore