Market Offers

the 300

I can not delete the 1 that is automatically in the slot for number of offers I want to accept.

If I press 4 or 5 it immediately goes to 14 or 15, and then corrects itself to whatever amount of merchants or resources I have available.


Thank you for reporting. I just tested it in my game and it is pretty annoying. A temporary solution is deleting and typing the number you want quickly. I will report this to the developers so they can fix it. Thanks again.


I do the same thing, the 300. I know it's not much of a fix, but it will have to suffice for now. Just press delete and then the single digit that you want immediately following to work.


Two other options:
a) Highlight the '1' by double-clicking it then type the amount you want.
b) if you want 237 of something, type '2' (which will make it say '12'), then hit the left keyboard arrow, then backspace, then the right keyboard arrow, then type '37'.