Answered Mass mailing 2 tribes is gone why?


Why have we taken away the ability to set of general chats between allied tribes?
I understand the idea of limiting due to previous spammers however making the new limit, 20 people or 1 tribe, is too much. How are allies suppose to have inter-tribe chats other than mailing the guy next door and having even more messages just to get something out to multiple people you may be working with cross tribe?

death to noobs

I agree example in forte we have our tribe 190 members TNM or ally RAD 60 members and our ally TR 47 members but we cant communicate as a group.


Thank you both of your question however the way I answer this may be differently than expected. If two leaders of a tribe are allies then information between the two tribes can be discussed between the two leaders right? Then it becomes the responsibility of each leader to communicate with their tribe what decision has been settled/discussed.