Confirmed Mass Recruit Broken


Every time I go to mass recruit, it says I am already mass recruiting and will not work. I have tried logging out, clearing my cache, and also trying a different browser. Still doesn't work. Anyone else having this issue??

Angry Cupcake

I had this problem for a month and was corresponding with support about it, and two days ago it suddenly started working again. I had tried everything previously to try to make it work and had no luck, but I did absolutely nothing different when it actually did start functioning again.


Thank you for that update Angry Cupcake, appreciate that and glad to hear it. :) As Kiki mentioned, this is something that has been under review and hopefully be corrected for all soon.
For those that it may not be working for currently - you can still recruit by going to individual villages. I know this is not ideal, but that is a way to do it until the mass recruit is available.


The issue is alive again. I'm using Google Chrome for reference. I'm sure you already have received tickets about it, I'm just joining the popular clamor to fix it :p