Reported Messages and Notifications


This is a general mobile issue. You guys have needed to fix the notifications amd messages in game for a while, but now its worse than ever. Every time someone sends a message you get 2 notifications for it instead of 1 (last night we were seeing up to 4 and 5 notifications for the same message).
While on this subject some other things that should be fixed:
~getting more than one notification for messages on the same thread. If you multiple people message the same thread and you haven't looked at the thread you don't need multiple notifications for it. At least make it so when you enter the thread all of the notifications for that thread disappear instead of having to enter and leave the thread 6 times to remove 6 notifications
~getting notifications for threads you are currently in. If you are talking back and forth with someone in a thread and then you leave said thread back to the game you don't need to have notifications for every time they said something as you were already in the thread and already saw it.
~if you are in the report section and get a new report and delete said report without first leaving and reentering the reports section the game will continue to show that you have a new report.

All of these bugs can be fixed by simply closing and reopening the game, but it would be much nicer (and make the game appear much more complete) if they were fixed.




it happens when u leave the msg opens andsomeone replies in it, fixes upon closing and reopening of msg


Yes, but you have to reopen and close the message one time for every time that someone send a message. So if 5 messages are sent I have to open and close the message 5 times to get the notification to go away. Currently messages are double sending. So if I am moving about in the game I can end up with a ton of notifications building up unless i am continually opening and closing the messages or if i close and reopen the game.


Thank you DC and n3ss for your help. This issue will get reported, and hopefully we will have a fix before too long.