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    Currently, the only way to get a view of the whole world is with an outside website, but what if, in the bottom right corner of the screen, there was a little graphical representation of the world zoomed out and a little box showing where your screen is currently looking. It wouldn't be super detailed, just like, a couple bits per villa so you have a general idea.

    It could minimize just like the chat box and be incredibly useful in knowing where in the world you're currently looking.
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    Talked on Teamspeak about this think it would be amazing idea. Since when I zoom out to max and 25% in browser the game client doesn't like it :D. Maybe make it so you can toggle between kingdom view and world view in it so you can see a minimap on the scale of kingdom and scale of world. Just easier for navigating and cool to see how the world is shaping up without using a 3rd party website like tw2tools and relying on the maps.
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