Mobile Update Mobile Version 1.34



Mobile Update

iOS Version 1.34

Hello Tribal Warriors!

Next week, the new iOS app version 1.34 will become available in the app store. With this update the new Tribe layout is introduced to your TW2 iOS app.

The Android release 1.34 will be available in your app store on Friday, December 4th. This update will fix some bugs in the app.

iOS (Estimated Release Date: December 7th)


The Tribe layout has been greatly improved, allowing you easier access to all vital features. If you are not in a Tribe yet, now is the best time to found or join one!

Bug Fixes:
  • The iOS app will no longer crash when sending messages.
  • Sharing reports in messages now works as intended.
  • The virtual keyboard will no longer disappear when editing troops in presets.
  • The Chapel will no longer display a faith value for the next level, as the Chapel only has 1 level.
  • Some translations have been fixed.

Android (Release Date: December 4th)

Bug Fixes:
  • [*]TWX-14340 - Recruited units will now be correctly displayed again.

    [*]TWX-14259 - When you log into the game on a world that has been closed, you will no longer get stuck.

    [*]TWX-14274 - Available units from partially finished unit orders can now be send as support or attacks properly.

    [*]TWX-14163 - In the village activities screen the correct home tome from incoming attack is now displayed again.

    [*]TWX-14253 - The Iron Boost is now correctly displayed again.

    [*]TWX-14124 - Thread titles can now be properly renamed in your Tribe forum.

    [*]TWX-14123 - The indicator showing that there are new messages on the Tribe forum, is now properly displayed.

    [*]TWX-14183 and TWX-14342 - Some translations have been fixed.

Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Give us your feedback in this discussion thread.

The Tribal Wars 2 Team