Mockers of Mayhem


It's still a little early I think to worry overmuch about tribes as a lot of things we resort themselves out in the next week or so, but here's my pitch. ;>

"You mock my pain!" "Life is pain Highness! Anyone who says differently is selling something."

If you want to stand behind your walls packed to overflowing with troops and laugh at all the many large villages that get nobbled just a short while from now because their rulers forgot to recruit troops all this time, consider joining Mockers of Mayhem.

We mock their pain! We mock our own pain and overcome it. We laugh in the face of danger watching armies of spearmen crash against our walls! We cringe in terror at wave after wave of oncoming noblemen, and ridicule ourselves as they die to overwhelming support.

Looking for players that believe in being active...actively farming that is, which means building troops, not just active building your village up to be someone's prize. ;>


The Princess Bride always gets a like from me. Good luck out there!