Monthly OBash Competition - October

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Please post your OBash reports for October here!

For an entry to count, we need to see your opponent's casualty list. For battles that you lost, you normally need your opponent to post their side of the battle report. That is the only way to get an accurate record of the damage you caused.

In order to give your opponent a reason to help you out this way, I am going to amend the rules: Opponents that post their side of a winning battle, will get an additional reward of 100/75/50 crowns.


If AttackerA is defeated by DefenderD, but inflicted enough damage on DefenderD to win the OBash competition, the following cases are possible:

DefenderD is a good sport and posts their own side of the battle report: AttackerA 500 crowns for first place, DefenderD gets 100 crowns as a good sportsmanship bonus

DefenderD is not a good sport and does not post: AttackerA and DefenderD get nothing

DefenderD is inactive and fails to post because they are not paying attention: AttackerA and DefenderD get nothing


Hit the stack with a ram nuke and was left with this ....
wall went down
followed up with axes from Black Panther
it didn't clear this was left ......
Followed up with LC nuke to clear
i believe the bash from the Black Panther hit was 110,795
The player is active because he attacked me yesterday
This morning i notice his OT increased so he is building
I messaged him and asked him if he would post the attack report
Hoping he responds


Looks like he no longer needs to post his report


Ah, good point, Sledge. I guess I did not explicitly state that. The offer of a good sportsmanship reward is also available to coops who post the result. I am still going to require players to post their own victories, however.


I am catching up now. New world and a busy weekend, I am behind. My apologies.

Only two players submitted reports this month. (Sledge, only the highest of your multiple reports counts)


Congratulations to the two of you! (Remind your tribemates that there is 300 crowns that fell off the face of the world...)