Mother's Day Messages from the Front

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Tribal Wars 2 Team
Greetings Tribal Warriors!

Mother's Day is on the way. Your hard-fighting troops on the front lines are sending home messages and a picture to their moms.

The competition is to create a meme from your favorite unit. Find artwork or a picture for that unit on the web, and create a meme wishing Mom a happy day.

  1. Be creative! Your meme can be funny or sentimental, but it should be imaginative. Show us you could write cards for Hallmark!
  2. Be appropriate! Memes are being sent to Mom! Would you send your Mom disrespectful messages about someone else? However, a little bragging about why your favorite unit is the best unit in the game is fine.
  3. ONE MEME PER PLAYER! Please do not create more than one! Additional entries will not count towards competition. You may delete messages and add another, but no more than one entry per player. Having two active entries will disqualify all of that player's entries.
  4. YOU MUST PLACE WORDS ON THE PICTURE! If you need help, don't hesitate to ask!
  5. Players may post references to (non-meme) artwork freely, to help other players take part in the contest.
  6. The top three will be selected by the community based on the number of likes it receives. The overall winner of the three will be selected by members of the Tribal Wars 2 staff.
  7. Every entry will receive 50 crowns just for participating.
  8. Contest starts immediately, and ends at midnight server time on Mother's Day, May 12th.
  9. Overall Winner will be announced Monday or Tuesday after Mother's Day

750 crowns 1st place, 375 crowns for the two runners-up
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