MWorld reaches Domination Stage!


Mosteiro da Batalha has indeed reached Domination stage! Ghosts of Democracy (GOD) is at 71% of the top ten tribe's villages!

The Tribe Domination event will be triggered manually by us when the best Tribe owns at least 70% of all villages owned by the top 10 Tribes on a realm. We will check the data regularly, so the event can be triggered in time.

As soon as the Tribe Domination is activated, players will no longer be able to register on this realm. The existing players are now invited to fight it out and to dominate this realm. In order to dominate a realm, a Tribe has to own at least 80% of all villages owned by the top 10 Tribes. Once a Tribe dominates a realm, it will be closed and winners will be crowned in the following categories:
  • Rank (based on points)
  • Units defeated as attacker
Game on!


@CaptC - GOD currently controls 3821 villages in this world out of a total of 4772 villages held by members of the Top 10-ranked Tribes. That equates to 80.07% control/domination. It's time to put a bow on this world.

(Edited to add photo proof that supports the math above)
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Hmmm... Not sure what I was adding up.... Well, whatever I did, I agree with your guys calculations. I will be closing down the world and posting the Hall of Fame shortly.


@CaptC Any chance you could leave the world unlocked for a bit so people can screenshot their stats etc?
From previous experience mods have left the world accessible for a week or so to say goodbyes to people they can only talk to in game or the like.

Much appreciated : )


Yes would be appreciated.
Or if this is not possible maybe post up Top50 listings with stats as well as the hall of fames