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Hello Tribal Warriors,

This competition is for the writers of our community. For this competition I will need for you to write about your one and only Paladin. Who is he? What has he done for you and your army? Has he plundered cities? Has he died valiantly in battle? Has he boosted the morale of your troops? Give us a small narrative about your wondrous Paladin.

First Prize will receive 800 crowns! - Deathcrystal
Second Prize will receive 500 crowns! - MooseWagon
Third Prize will receive 300 crowns! - Ez Kallion​

So give it a shot! You have until Friday July 31st, as a winner will be selected on Sunday, August 2nd! I'm looking forward to your submissions! Make sure to visit the Wiki page on Paladins if you want to get a little inspiration.

Don't forget our new world of Huniade opens on Monday July 27th, so be sure to check it out!

Good luck,
The Tribal Wars 2 Team


For all those times you stood by me
For all the kills that you brought to me
For all the glory you brought to my life
For all the sinners that you beat dead
For every city you took for me
For all the statues I built for you
I'll be forever thankful trooper
You're the one who held me up
Never let me have no faith
You're the one who saw me through through it all

You were my faith when I had none
You lead my troops when I couldn't march
You were my sword when I needed it
You were the best I ever needed
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave them faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because of my paladin

You gave me wings and made me fly
You guide my nobles I could conquer them all
I had no faith, you gave it back to them
You said no city was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your loyalty I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I had trained you

You were my Battle Axe when I sent axe
You were my Halberd as the Cav marched in
You were Longsword to kill the zerkers
You are the best there was in me
Shoot arrows up when we couldn't reach
You gave them faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because of my paladin

You were always there for me
The tender wind that burned cities
A light in the dark shining with your bonfire
You've been my general
Through the ashes you were the saw
My cities are safe because of you

You were my lance when I ran fast
You were my banner when the attacks flooded in
You were my morning star when walls were to end
You saw the Bonfire from the catapults
Lifted my nobles up when I had a scepter
You gave them faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because of my paladin

I'm everything I am
Because of my paladin
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Oriadan, The Paladin

There's no better Pally
as Oriadan, the grand.
For when he fights, his
weapons are in hand.
When he's with noble,
as he often is nowdays.
He poses for the ladies,
and tells the men no way!
He help's, he bangs, he can throw,
he slings, he hacks, and cuts too.
and when he is with the troops
he's there to help them grow.
Oriadan, mighty Oriadan,
the best of all Paladin.


Below is the story of the paladin Dennizon Dragonsworn.


Dennizon Dragonsworn, a Paladin of the most noble Order of the White Tree, is the last of a once proud line of paladins from an age gone by. Dennizon was one of the High Councilors of the Republic of Immortalis, a great kingdom of a bygone age, in his prime, and is remembered mainly for his joint rule there. However, he did not start out upon such a lofty perch.

Initially Dennizon was a rogue practicing the arts of magic in a little village where a vast underground complex of ancient ruins was located. Travelers from across the lands came to delve the depths of these ruins, but it was a dangerous quest because of the dead and demon kind that wondered those ancient halls. Dennizon was an opportunist who would plunder the corpses of those who fell, and even trap and rob those who were not careful in their surroundings. One day, a noble warrior was traversing those cavernous depths and Dennizon tried to accost him. This warrior was none other than the noble Lord Mystic of Immortalis. They fought, but Lord Mystic was the victor. He did not kill Dennizon, however, though he surely deserved it. Instead, Lord Mystic offered Dennizon a better way for one of his potential. Dennizon, beaten and humbled, agreed to follow Lord Mystic back to the capital of the Republic of Immortalis as a prisoner, where he would be presented to the High Council, of whom Lord Mystic was a member.

When Dennizon was presented before the High Council he was found guilty of grievous crimes worthy of death. There was one High Councilor however, Albertus, who, at the request of Lord Mystic, offered to stay the sentence of death if Dennizon was willing to commit his life to service in the Council Guard; an elite military unit whose purpose was to protect the High Council and execute their will. Dennizon agreed, and under the Albertus’ tutelage he became the First Knight of the Council Guard over time.

The years passed and Dennizon eventually joined the order of a fellow knight of the guard, one Dannato, who was a Paladin of great courage, honor, and prowess with the blade. This order, the Order of the White Tree, built upon the character Dennizon had begun to develop in the Council Guard, and created a man of principle who valued justice, honor, and fought for the oppressed. Indeed, it was this trial that turned Dennizon into a man, where before he had merely been a childish rogue on the path to perdition.

Years passed until eventually Lord Mystic retired from the High Council, and it was Dennizon who was asked by Albertus himself to fill that void of leadership. Although he did not seek to lead, Dennizon was convinced of the great importance that resided in a stable High Council. Therefore, he accepted the position and ruled jointly with Albertus, Vadrigald, Farseer, Kitana, Silencer, Ghostkillah, and Lord Jurek over the years.

The lands of the Republic of Immortalis knew peace for decades, but alas, tragedy eventually befell the land. Hordes of the undead swept across the land in a terrible battle, and the capital itself fell. Of the High Councilors, only Dennizon and Albertus survived, and they escaped with what refugees they could to the lands of Uma far to the north. For years they struggled to rebuild, and they did indeed make some progress, but it was not to last.

An evil king by the name of Constantine ruled the lands in which they lived, and he eventually came to see the exiled people of Immortalis as a threat to his power and rule. Moreover, he was jealous of the loyalty Albertus and Dennizon managed to inspire in the people around them. So it was that through an act of great treachery Constantine summoned Albertus and Dennizon, along with the entire remnant of the Council Guard, to a diplomatic meeting where they were to supposively be given a shire of land in which Immortalis could be refounded. What they found, however, was an army of assassins lying in wait. The numbers were overwhelming, and Albertus and Dennizon fought valiantly, but it quickly became apparent that there would be no victory in this fight. Dannato, now First Knight himself, forced the two High Councilors to flee to safety while he and the Council Guard remained behind to fight and allow them time to escape. Both Councilors resisted fleeing, but Albertus, ever wise, reminded Dennizon that the remnant of their people would need them now more than ever, and they should not be left without any leadership. As they fled, the last they ever saw of the Council Guard was Dannato standing firm upon a small hill with only 4 of his fellow knights of the Council Guard against a swarm of Constantine’s men.

Dennizon and Albertus took their remaining people and began to wander in exile for many years, but the recovery they had hoped for never came. One by one the last of the people of Immortalis died away, until at last it was only Dennizon and Albertus who remained. For years now they have wandered together, the aged sorcerer and the road-worn paladin, and as they travel they seek to right wrongs, uphold justice, and protect the weak. And in Dennizon Dragonsworn, the noble Order of the White Tree carries on.


My one and only Paladin, his name is Moose Senior, he is much older and wiser than most of my troops, he is around 40 years old, that doesn't stop him from keeping up with the Calvary troops though! He started on Bastille, on November 2nd, when I had first joined the game. He was humble enough to join me on there, despite my in-experience. I first summoned him on the first day. It started with me building a home for him, his statue. He liked it, but he didn't want to join. So I had to bribe him with 35 crowns. That convinced him. He joined my army, with 30 spearman, the fresh recruits. He started to like me, (mostly because of his pay, though). Eventually we moved on to world D where I called on him again. This time he showed up without me paying him, and he fought next to me. He woke up one day, and started eating breakfast. Just then, Ben the Berserker ran over towards him with all of his friends and said,
"Moose! We have an attack incoming from Earthshaker!" He was in shock, he had never had to defend before. The few minutes leading up to the attack were intense, but being the leader he was, he yelled "FOR CHAOS!!" He opened the gates to charge the offending army only to open and see that there was only 1 ram crew sitting there, shaking in their boots. Moose Senior charged infront of everyone else and killed the ram crew, he had his first kill! He was so excited, but intimidated also, for fear of what was to come. He got a trophy named "A hero's birth" it showed a picture of him as a baby, he also got a new weapon! A really big, long pointed stick. As his father once say,
"The only way to real power is having the biggest stick!" - Moose Senior Sr. 3 weeks later, the same berserker, Ben, came up to him and told him that an attack was noblemen speed. He freaked out, he thought they were all going to die, so much that he had the President, the one and only Moose, recruit more arches and swords men. Finally, the attack landed. He lost most of his friends, including Ben. Just then he realized it was going to get crazy. Over the next few weeks, more attacks swept over them, but one attack at the end came. When it landed he realized they wouldn't win. All he remembers is he was fighting a Berserker, much like Ben, and he blacked out. He died. He went to Elysium, where he still is today.
His son still roams today, on world Forte De Sagres, Gyulai Var, and soon to be Hunaide, if he ever makes it that far. His name is Moose Senior Jr, and he is currently accompanying a noblemen, to a nearby fortress, (not literally) where he hopes to use his mighty scepter to help his friend, Mr Noble.
That's all, folks!


My little paladin is short and stout,
He is my hammer he is my mount.
If he gets attacked he screams and shouts
Then then he runs like a little buns.
my toops look for him eveywhere
Then they notice him, the Paladin,
He’s at the ready, his sword in hand,
firm behind a tree,
and he begins to fight,
The walking, the living, and imagined.
With each slash,
He gives his best,
The Numbers have dwindled,
Victory is on hand,
And the paladin has survived yet again,
thanks to the big tree ;)
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My Paladin started out as a lowly stable boy admiring the soldiers training in the barracks gearing up for war and the looming threats of the barbarians just outside his wooden walls. He was always told he was to weak to join the army so he kept after the spys horses and in his spare time he would cut wood, dig clay, and mine iron to bulk up and gain stamina because he was always forced to carry the hourly earnings to the warehouse and markets. He then at the age of 22 reapplied to be a soldier. He was granted admission to the forces of the Fallen lord in the home keep called "Fallen Lords Escape". He was given his pike and trained in the art of poking and line holding and he was shown how to fortify the walls and be a general help. He excelled at this so he was promoted to swordsmen and mastered that in a little under 3 months and so on until he mastered every form of combat. He then was confronted my the Fallen Lord himself to go on a special mission which costed him his life or so everyone thought. He was tasked to clear out the entire province of barbarians and to help claim them for the Fallen Lords empire which he did. Upon his return he had noticed that the town he once called him as now a giant fortified city fit for a king and his army. In the central plaza there was a statue in construction with the likeness of this young man that would soon become the Fallen lords right hand man. His Paladin.

Through his hard work and determination he was granted the highest honor in the entire kingdom. He was given a special rank acknowledging his mastery of all means of combat and his loyalty to the king and his kingdom.

A lesson learned here today boys and girls. Never give up, never falter, because if the will is strong enough and if enough effort is applied you will always succeed.

Original story: smurks
account name: Ill Gotten Gains
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Ah, the great Constantine. He's been quite the Paladin in JPex20's kingdom. JPex20 also seems to keep him quite busy. On a normal day, Constantine may be sitting in a village for a while, but then he will be commanded to accompany a large force in clearing out a village. Sometimes this goes quite well. Constantine can boost the morale of his troops with his exhilarating speeches, and they have crushed armies and brought in the most amazing bounty ever seen on any of the worlds! However, there has been many a time where he has not been so successful. What might seem like an easy battle, quickly will turn into tears and sadness. Constantine will be rallying his troops before the battle, but he'll take an arrow to the knee, crippling him. Seeing their valiant leader get wounded, the troops quickly fall into disarray, and their enemies dispatch them quickly. The only positive to this scenario, is that the kingdom's doctors can have Constantine's knee fixed and ready to go in only six short hours.

The most common task assigned to Constantine, is the accompany a nobleman, on his way to conquer a village. When riding to these battles, the heroic paladin always has a smile on his face. He knows that when riding with a nobleman, victory is almost a certainty, as the village has been cleared beforehand. When the enemy villagers see Constantine riding with a nobleman, they are quickly swayed. Loyalty falls quicker than avalanche, thanks in part to the silver tongued speeches this schooled paladin gives. Not only that, but he knows how to throw back an ale or two at the local tavern. He has has made many a man a believer is his leader by the way he drinks. Constantine has conquered more villages than can be counted, and JPex20 makes sure to keep him doing that very job as much as possible.

All in all, Constantine is one of the cornerstones to his kingdom. Without his thrilling words, amazing battle prowess, and the ability to drink, many a battle would have been lost. This paladin, to put it simply, is the most amazing thing to happen to his kingdom.

Ez Kallion

I am certainly not a writer but I'll give it a try. Hope I did it right.

Arknoth The Destroyer, Arknoth The Holy, Arknoth The Defender... My most trusted warrior holds almost as many titles as AOD has enemies (the rest of the world). Upon coming of age in Castel De Monte Arknoth was immediately recognized for his prowess in battle against soldiers of the mra tribe REM. Here Arknoth held strong against legions of offensive troops and defensive as they continually tried to claim my lands. He received massive honors when the 25th noble died on our walls marking a hard achievement in record time. The REM threat was to great however and Arknoth was forced to gather those most loyal and set out to conquer a village faraway TLI lands.

As the new village was conquered with the help of other local TLI soldiers the old one was soon taken by the REM menace. While we had a foothold and room to grow this new land was far from peaceful and solidified. We did have allies close by in IXI. We prospered through battle as Arknoth personally conquered 6 new villages. Soon enemies closed in however as our IXI allies betrayed us and war started. Abernon of RMT invaded the new home province of Arknoth. Alarms cried and the army was raised. Arknoth sat at the head of our legion awaiting my orders to attack. As the battle started Arknoth immediately searched for the enemy commander. He cut through the battle lines swinging his axe like a madman. The survivors As he reached Abernon he raised his great axe in preparation to strike. Abernon was quick however and slid his sword very fast but almost softly through the armor gap and chest of Arknoth.

As the sun rose the next day and the carrion birds were chased off the dead were either buried or burned depending on which side they fought on. The villagers and peasants were then gathered. The able bodied men and women were sold into slavery. The old and unhealthy were massacred. The young were indoctrinated and enrolled in harsh RMT training regimes as soon as they were old enough. They would be the next generation vanguard of RMT's elite forces. Arknoth's hard fought villages were sacked and pillaged by the dreaded RMT soldiers while its fields and farms were burned .

We were not the first murdered at the hands of RMT and most definitely not the last. Even though abernon slew him himself Arknoth's body was no where to be found. Some say he was seen years later in the land of Drachenfels. The claimants swore he was a high-star general of the Seven Oaks of Wisdom and later Gladiators Of Wisdom. If this is true Arknoth went on to be a great man with many accomplishments indeed.
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did no one send something?

my Paladin is lazy and sitting around all day hanging out with the ram's and kata's, in case they need to evacuate.
he also play's a lot of chess so he know's how strategic battles go.
He's also waiting for the 1st real battle, that hopefully will be an attack.
He keeps dreaming about conquest and taking over the world, together with a good lord to lead.

king kymeria

Mounted Archer
My Paladin, His Name is Hamza, has brought me great victory in Castel Del Monte, and though his resurrection, comes at the end of Hard fought battles, it was his defense of the Great Library of Adalluse, Capital of the Kingdom of Kymeria that has Earned his rightful place among our legendary

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