Need to improve combat strength

White Wolf

I have 6 villages, my main village and 3 others are in one province, then my other 2 villages are in other provinces by themselves. I thought if I built a church in one of those lone villages, the combat strength of that village would be 100% when attacking within its province. This is not the case. Can anyone help me understand how all that works? I would appreciate any help or information. Thank you.
W. Wolf


First, check that the church and attacked village are actually in the same province. Someone recently discovered a map bug where the borders aren't always accurate, so check the actual village information (more info).

In case that's not the problem: All 6 of your villages should now be able to attack the new church's province with 100% Faith. There are other factors for attack strength, though. The one you have most control over is Morale. It's at 100% if you're attacking a player with around the same number of points (or more), but drops if you're attacking weaker players. The weaker the enemy, the lower your morale will be.

There's also Fortune/Misfortune (random adjustment between -15% to +15% strength) and the Grandmaster officer, which adds 10% strength, but I assume you know about those. I just added them for the sake of being thorough.