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Greetings everyone, I have a quick question! I looked around and I couldn't find the specific thread i was looking for :(. The original "Win crowns" Thread where players counted down to 0, when will the crowns be awarded for that?


lol. I'm still wondering where the referral contest went. It disappeared from the competitions forum. I asked about it in event feedback but never got a response.


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Crowns were shared out to players who were listed to have contributed and participated in the Christmas game with the mods.

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I both contributed and won. I received zero crowns.
Doesn't have you listed as having participated and won on the main thread. I would hit up Jaded via PM so she can look through the original thread and confirm it.

Edit: J/K Shows you in the last win, #15. Definitely hit up staff directly, think that's the best way to get them.
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